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Why The Sales Copy Lab is Your Ideal “Secret Source” for Profit-Pulling Sales Copy…


Highest Quality Content

No more sleazy copywriters whose #1 skill is copying and pasting. No more slimy sales pages that make you feel like a dirtbag. With our team, you get 100% original content written in the language that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your audience… so you can build authority, entertain potential customers, and have them begging to buy your products and services without even trying.

Results-Driven Copywriting

Great copy is about much more than pretty words on a page. We craft results-driven copy with a focus on leveraging it to increase your revenue, boost awareness of and engagement with your brand, and build your authority within your market.

Competitive Fixed Pricing

You can expect to receive copy that converts as well as that written by the big agencies… all for a tiny fraction of the price. Plus, fixed pricing and no contracts means you have the freedom to come to us for top-quality content that fits your specific budget needs whenever you like.

Expert Persuasion Specialists

Our copywriting team offers a combined 17 years of experience and has written for over 1,529 entrepreneurs and product owners in nearly every niche conceivable. Every day, we dive into ongoing training in cutting-edge copywriting and marketing strategies in order to hone our skills and help you grow your business bigger and faster.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, build an email list, engage and entertain blog readers, or powerfully persuade your audience to buy now, you’ll get the top-notch web content and sales copy you need delivered in just 3-5 business days. For a nominal “rush fee,” we can even turn your project around in 24 hours or less!

Peace of Mind

We’re really, really dang good, but we’re not perfect. We understand that with a business as unique as yours, revisions are sometimes needed to refine and enhance your copy. That’s why we offer 2 reasonable revisions within 60 days of purchase absolutely free of charge. And not only that, but every project we do is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee!

Solo Freelancer or Copywriting Agency? With The Sales Copy Lab, You Get the Best of Both Worlds…

When you’re looking for sales copy, you usually have two choices:

  1. A large corporate agency that only sees you as a number; or
  2. A freelancer who is trying to wear far too many hats.

Go with a big agency, and you’ll be lucky if they follow your instructions at all. Once they’ve got your money, they’re satsfied. And you can forget about having any real input – revisions and round-up calls are out of the question. Go with a solo freelancer, and you’re hiring somebody who (sadly) has to be all things to all people. Not only do these brave souls write every type of copy imaginable… they’ve got the added tasks of accounting, marketing, client service, billing, and many others. We’re big enough to specialize, but small enough to care about your results.  Unlike solo freelancers, we give you the advantage of specialization. No copywriter is great at everything, so we have a team of persuasion specialists who are experts in different niches and copy types. Need a stellar autoresponder email sequence to build sales? Jason’s got you covered. How about a skillfully crafted sales or landing page? Kate’s on it. Want a blog post to move your prospect from cold to white-hot? Rica’s got the skills to make it happen. But we’re not some massive agency on the 84th floor of a New York skyscraper. We’re ordinary people who love words – especially when those words make you money. So we’re only happy when you get results!

Take a Look at the Copywriting Services We Provide to Success-Driven Entrepreneurs – Just Like You – Every Single Day…

Sales Pages

Get short, medium, and long sales pages that effortlessly sell your products and services for you. From classic sales letter style pages to sleek landing pages, you’ll receive the an expertly crafted original piece that draws in readers and convinces them to hand over their email address or buy what you’re selling.

Website Content

Setting up your online presence or looking to revamp your brand? Turn to us for professional writing for your Home, About, and other web pages that will set you up for greater success online.

Amazon Product Descriptions

If you’re an ecommerce business owner or you need an engaging Amazon product page, we can help. We create convincing product pages and descriptions that meet your platform’s requirements while turning visitors into paying customers over and over again.

LinkedIn Summaries

Buyers today don’t just want to know about your products and services – they want to know about the people behind your company. A well-crafted LinkedIn summary gives potential customers and clients the chance to get to know you… which means they’re more likely to trust you and your brand. Let our experts craft the perfect LinkedIn summary for you today!


Turn to us for individual emails that welcome new leads to your brand, autoresponder email sequences that engage your list and convince them to become repeat buyers on autopilot, follow-up emails for the webinar you just did, and much, much, much more.

Video Sales Scripts

With over 100 million people watching online videos every single day, video gives you a prime opportunity to get more eyes on your brand, generate more leads, and increase engagement with your products and services. Our team will make sure you know exactly what to say in your videos to build authority and persuade viewers!

Blog Posts

Want to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience with well-written and researched blog posts that keep you at the top of prospects’ and customers’ minds? Contact us to get quality, done-for-you content delivered fast.

Custom Copy

If it’s made up of words and it helps you grow your business, we probably do it. If you need custom copy that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, all you need to do is ask!

See Why 1,529+ Satisfied Clients Love Our Sales Copy (and You Will Too)…

Click the “Play” button to find out what expert marketer Russell Brunson has to say about The Sales Copy Lab!
Hi Lee, I just wanted to thank you for my sales copy.  You and your team delivered an outstanding result for me.  I have used other writers for my sales pages and no-one really understood what I wanted to achieve.  You did!  Thank you for taking time to understand my product and my objective.  You nailed it hook, line and sinker…I 1000% recommend your work to any Online Entrepreneur who wants to get their message to their customer clearly and succinctly in the first 5 seconds of landing on their sales page.  Also, thank you for your patience, quick turn around and wanting to make it perfect for me. You exceeded my expectations. Mary Henderson

Author, Transformational Speak, Founder, Mysticpreneur

Absolutely brilliant copywriters. Lee and team did an amazing job on our sales letter. I plan to refer them to many more of my friends! Look no further, this guy is a serious weapon. Thank you Lee! Nathan Chan

Editor-in-Chief, Foundr Magazine

If you are looking for someone to help you connect with your customers through well-written, impactful sales and marketing copy, then you need to talk to Lee and his team at The Sales Copy Lab.  They write copy that gets inside your customer’s heads and makes them want to read every word because they know what will make people listen – and buy. Jeff Young

The LinkedIn Guru

Having a great copywriting team is like having the “secret sauce” in business. It allows you to spend time doing things you love (surfing for me) while your sales letter takes care of selling your product for you. Lee and his team will write a sales letter for you that will lead to more sales, more often. You owe it to yourself and your customers to have great sales letters (how else will they buy your product?) Do yourself a favor and hire the experts at The Sales Copy Lab before they raise their prices! Great talent doesn’t stay cheap for long! Chris Hughes

Online Strategist

I am extremely happy with Lee’s work. The Sales Copy Lab will be writing all my copy. I would highly recommend! Jamie Watts

Owner, Worth Cremation Service of Florida

The pros at The Sales Copy Lab have a unique gift of transforming ordinary words into persuasive, informative and personable copy. Their copy draws prospects audience in, keeps them reading, and ultimately closes the sale. They are hard working, seasoned writers who are committed to producing results for their clients. Laurie Zinn

Owner, Line-by-Line LLC

Get Ready to Add Your Name to Our List of Winners

Russell Brunson wasn’t kidding when he called these prices a “steal”…

Short Sales Page

Up to 750 words of expertly crafted copy
  • Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions.
I want this one!

Long Sales Page

Up to 4,000 words of expertly crafted copy
  • Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions
I want this one!

Email Swipes

Up to 250 words of riveting email copy each
  • Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions
I want this one!

Video Sales Scripts

Riveting video script copy (120 wpm)
$40/video minute
  • Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions
I want this one!

Other Sales Copy

Contact us for a custom quote!
Just ask!
  • Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions
Gimme my custom quote!

Minimum Project Fee: $250

Give The Sales Copy Lab a Chance to Wow You 100% Risk Free!

If the thought of writing that sales page is making you cringe… but you’re not about to take a risk on another unqualified freelancer or content company that pumps out unmemorable, unconvincing copy all day, then it’s time to try something different. When you choose to work with our professionals, you can have total peace of mind knowing your content is backed by our worry-free money back guarantee. All you have to do is click on the button below to order your persuasive, conversion-getting content today. In the unlikely scenario that you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of copy we write for you, we’ll gladly give you back all your money. There’s just a few simple, common-sense conditions that we’ve had to build in to our refund policy thanks to a few less-than-ethical clients. But you’re an ethical marketer, so it shouldn’t be anything you have to worry about. Go ahead! Order your copy today and start seeing real results fast!

Ready to Get Your Hands on Engaging, Persuasive Sales Copy in Just a Few Days?

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The Obligatory FAQ…

Why should I choose The Sales Copy Lab?
Quite simply, we’re all entrepreneurs, so we know what it’s like to trust your copy to someone you’ve never met in person. We’ve worked together for years and know that each piece of copy we write is as good as the stuff the $20k copywriters put out… but we don’t expect you to take us at our word. That’s why we back every project with our 100% money-back guarantee. We provide up to two rounds of revisions to ensure that everything is perfect… but we want you to know that if you implement our copy and don’t get results, we’ll give you your money back. No hard feelings, no hassles. Just a quick refund and then we’ll part as friends. Also… we know that not everyone can afford to spend $20k on a sales page. You have other business expenses to take care of. That’s why we price our copy affordably. Finally, you’re getting copy crafted by a team of battle-hardened copy veterans. We didn’t just decide to start stringing words together yesterday. We have a combined 17+ years of experience, so we know what’s going to work. Period.
What payment methods are available?
After we’ve nailed down your requirements, we’ll email you an invoice via Freshbooks. All you need to do is click the payment button on the invoice and pay via credit/debit card or Paypal. The whole process takes about 60 seconds.
Can I pay after the work is done?
Unfortunately, our quick turnaround and low pricing means that we can’t start a project until your invoice is paid in full. Rest assured, though, that your investment is covered by our generous revision policy and 100% money back guarantee.
Can I resell your services at a profit?
Be our guest. Once we provide you with the copy you order, it’s yours to do with as you wish. We can even provide you with guidance and tools to help make white labeling our services even more profitable for you!
Can you give me a discount?
We want to make sales copy affordable for everyone from first-time entrepreneurs to seasoned veterans… so we’ve designed our pricing with that in mind. Our quotes represent the lowest cost you’ll find anywhere for the exceptional quality we provide.  For that reason, we are unable to discount our already low prices. To be blunt, sales copy is an investment, just like any other component of your business. If you’re not willing to make the small investment in our top-notch sales copy, you’re probably not serious about your business.
Why do you invoice instead of offering instant checkout?
We’ve discussed the idea of offering instant checkout more times than we can count. But it all comes down to this: You, as our next client, are our highest priority. We want to understand your project and your expectations before you pay. This helps prevent you from paying for more copy than you need. It also helps ensure that we provide the right copy to maximize your results. Instant checkout would make our jobs a lot easier… but we’re not willing to sacrifice quality to simplify our own lives.
Can I see some samples of your work?
Yep. You can check out our sales copy samples to your heart’s content.

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