Let’s face it: You’re no copywriter. Your current non-converting sales copy proves it.

But does it really matter where you go to get sales copy that converts cold traffic into new leads and readers into buyers?

Will hiring an established agency versus a freelancer on Upwork really make a difference in your bottom line?

After 1,529 happy clients and counting, here’s what we know:

You want to make more money. Battle-hardened, time tested, and proven copywriters make that happen.

Here’s why:


  1. They know how to communicate with your audience like normal human beings.

Telling your prospects the ins and outs of your amazing, life-changing product or solution isn’t going to cut it. Today’s marketing is as much relationship building as selling. Your sales copy should be a conversation, not a straightforward sales pitch.

Amateur copywriters spend so much time selling in their copy that they forget to include the most important person in the conversation: your customer.

Think about it: You wouldn’t strike up a conversation with a stranger then spend the whole time only talking about yourself and how awesome you are, right? If you would, I’m guessing you have a total of zero friends.

Point is, if you want to avoid sounding like a sleazy salesman or like some creepy guy offering candy out of his windowless van, it’s best to hire a seasoned pro to handle your copy.

Experienced copywriters know how to speak directly to your specific audience like two friends chatting over coffee. They can naturally engage your customers in a powerful conversation that builds know, like, and trust and ultimately leads to more sales.

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  1. They create high-quality content – fast.

In a marketing age where “content is king,” it’s more important than ever to deliver useful, educational, valuable content to your prospects before you ever ask them to give you any money.

Experienced copywriters know how to not only create quality copy that achieves direct sales for your business, but they also know how to strategically craft native advertising pieces, blog posts, and articles that give value first and build a rock-solid relationship with your prospects and existing customers.

Furthermore, they have the skills to deliver the quality content you need with a very fast turnaround, so you can spend less time racking your brain for good ideas and more time making your business more profitable.

On the other hand, hiring a freelancer with no track-record of success can spell disaster if you’re not careful. Often, freelancers bite off more than they can chew and may leave you stranded in a crunch with no copy.

Get top-quality content with a lightning-fast turnaround right here.


  1. They don’t treat your sales page like it’s your baby.

We get it. You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your business from the day you started it.

But it’s hard to write good copy at such close range.

Those of us who write sales copy for a living are able to analyze brands and products objectively and pull out the most exciting, seductive benefits that are dripping in desire and will have prospects begging you to take their money in no time.

Seasoned professionals create clear, concise, benefit-rich copy that effortlessly persuades your readers to take action. It’s as simple as that.

Part of the reason more experienced, dedicated sales copywriters’ messaging is so powerful is the fact that they’ve likely written for thousands of different businesses across hundreds of niches. This way, they know what works and what doesn’t, no matter what business you’re in.


  1. They know the “magic words” that convert readers into buyers.

Amateur copywriters rely on buzzwords and hype that they think will excite your readers…

Experienced copywriters rely on proven psychological triggers, persuasion techniques, copy tricks that actually convert prospects on a page.

You see, experienced, professional copywriters aren’t just great writers who know how to navigate the English language – They’re specialists who have spent countless hours studying, imitating, and learning from the legends like Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Ben Settle, David Ogilvy, Joe Sugarman, and others.

Through the course of their studies, they’ve discovered the secrets to infiltrating the hearts and minds of your prospective buyers and saying the exact words that they want and need to hear in order to say “YES!” to your product or service.

Things like…

  • Playing upon the natural desire to avoid pain and gain pleasure that drives human behavior…
  • Tapping into our love of novelty and engaging our natural sense of curiosity…
  • Using powerful storytelling techniques that bring your solution to life in the minds of your readers while steadily holding their attention…
  • Creating a common enemy that’s been keep you’re prospect from achieving his or her goals until now…
  • And much, much, much more…

It’s not sorcery, but it is a special sort of art and science that ordinary and less experienced writers have yet to discern.


  1. They know how to manipulate language to achieve your marketing goals.

Do you know when to use your vs. you’re? They’re vs. their vs. there?

The difference between passive and active verbs?

How to craft compelling copy that makes use of alliteration?

You should. Here’s why:

Thanks to the rise of the Internet and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, your brand has the potential to reach more potential customers than ever before…

That also means your prospects have more stuff to look at than ever before…

With so many distractions and a sea of competition, you MUST be good with words in order to get the results you want from your sales copy.


Effective sales copy should:

  1. Grab your potential customers’ attention right away before they get distracted and miss your offer.
  1. Make the best possible first impression of your brand so your prospects take you seriously and keep coming back.


Nobody understands how to meet these 2 important goals better than a seasoned copywriter who gets grammar and knows how to manipulate the English language.

The driving force behind a product that sells?

Carefully and expertly chosen words.

So think twice before you throw away more money on an inexperienced copywriter who doesn’t know how to use words correctly or effectively to accomplish your goals.


Looking for Words That Sell?

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