I know that you are a passionate entrepreneur who wants to make the greatest, most meaningful difference for your clients. But if you’re being honest, you probably also want the time and financial freedom to travel, buy what you want, and enjoy the finer things in life.

If you’re serious about increasing your impact and your income, then it may be time to let go and allow a trusted professional copywriter to help you create the lifestyle you want.

Here’s why:

Your Personal Brand is Your Business

Not sure you’re ready to turn over your personal brand to a stranger?  I get it.

After all, your brand is you! You want it to be authentic, you want it to be your voice. What if your clients – the people who trust you – find out it’s not you after all?

It would be like that scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy pulls back the curtain.  Maybe you, too, are terrified your clients will discover there’s just some old guy behind the scenes projecting your image.

After all, that is what professional copywriting is (sort of).

But consider this: If that old guy and his team are rock stars at writing wickedly good copy that captures your persona… no one but you will ever know the difference.

Best of all, if that dude and his team have done their job correctly, you’ll be selling more of what you love to do and doing more of what you love!

To help you with your decision, here are few points to consider:

1. Do you sound like you when you try to put your personality into print?

To help you gain clarity, let me share a little about myself.  I love music. For years, I spent hours each day playing Claire de Lune and Maple Leaf Rag, everything from Mozart to Billy Joel.

However, I don’t have a voice that anyone – and I mean absolutely anyone – would ever want to hear. I could sing day after day, year after year; spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on singing lessons.

But could I even consider competing with Cher, Lady Gaga, or Beyoncé in a singing contest? No way! That would be crazy!! Why would I even try? It just isn’t my gift.  My gift is playing, not singing.

So now it’s time to get real…

Are you a gifted writer who can create copy that truly showcases your unique voice in the most positive and powerful way? As a writer, are you also accomplished and savvy enough to seriously compete with the best of the best in your industry?

Think about who is a leader in your industry – Neil Patel, Brendon Burchard, Marianne Williamson. Do you aspire to emulate their level of impact and success?

If so, think about their messaging because that is the heart of their success. More importantly, it is how those messages are communicated that tugs at our souls, opens our minds, and motivates us to take inspired action.

What about your message? What is the greatest circle you want to influence? What are your aspirations of success, fulfillment and joy? Are you able to communicate in a way that will take you to your highest level of success?

If you feel confident about your abilities as a writer, keep reading… There are still a few more points even you should consider…

2. Are you able to consistently write effective, authentic, and error-free copy each and every time you need it?

 Face it—even if you are a good writer, maybe even a brilliant writer—the amount of time it takes to generate all the content marketing materials for all your email campaigns, sales pages, blog posts, and video scripts can be overwhelming.  When you’re faced with the task of writing an email, a blog post, a video script—how do you feel?

Are you energized and excited? Are you itching to get started? Is there a magical flow to your writing, like you can’t get your ideas down fast enough?

Or do you feel drained just by the thought of writing? Maybe you end up staring at the computer or that blank piece of paper, waiting for that elusive flash of inspiration and motivation. Once you do get started, do you feel a part of the creative flow or more like a fish out of water?

Also consider this: How productive are you with your writing?

Does it gush out of you with very few edits? Or does it take you a long time to get started? You might even procrastinate…

Remember, if the writing process ends up taking way longer than you anticipated, it’s going to pull you away from the work you were meant to do in the world.

Finally, ask yourself this:

3.  Are you making the difference in the world you were meant to make?

 What’s your true gift? What’s the real reason you’re in business?

Whatever your answer is, that’s what you NEED to be doing! If you’re too busy doing what someone else could be doing for you… then you’re taking valuable time away from what you do best.

The point is this: Let go of what you need to do, and embrace doing what you love so that you can go out there, share your gifts, and make a better world.

Discover the perfect chemistry for all your personal or white label copywriting needs:

Exceeding the high standards of big-name marketers…

Passionate about your personal results.

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