Want to Grow Your Business?  Let Go of DIY Copywriting Want to Grow Your Business? Let Go of DIY Copywriting - I know that you are a passionate entrepreneur who wants to make the greatest, most meaningful difference for your clients. But if you’re being honest, you probably also want the time and financial freedom to travel, buy what you want, and enjoy the finer things in life. If you’re serious about increasing your impact and your income, then […]
Completeguidetogettingmoredone The Complete Guide to Getting More Done… by Doing Less - By Kate McKnight, CDMP Sounds impossible, I know. But it’s actually a philosophy that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, creators, and business owners all have in common. By following the guidelines laid out for you in this post, you’ll discover how you too can focus on the things you love, provide more value to your […]
[LeeTV] Done Beats Perfect - “Putting yourself out there” is scary. We always have this little (and sometimes not-so-little) voice in our heads that tells us, “you need to polish it a bit more before anyone sees it.” So we get caught in and endless cycle of tweaking… but we never make a shred of progress! If you’ve been holding […]
[LeeTV] Do You Know What Your Customers Want? - Here it is – the very first (mini) episode of LeeTV. Most of us think we understand our customers’ needs and problems… but what we think we know can be detrimental to our businesses! Be sure to leave a comment below (and if you have a question for a future episode, ask!)
3 Buying Modes that The 3 Buying Modes that Influence Purchase Decisions - As marketers, we’re forever trying to figure out what makes people buy… so (of course) we can devise ways to get them to give us money for our stuff. There’s plenty of info out there about customer journeys and the primary motivators that lead people to buy, so I won’t cover that here. But one […]
Are Headline Swipes Killing Your Business- Are Headline Swipes Killing Your Conversions? - If you’re on the hunt for an amazing headline for your next sales page, check out Perry Marshall’s article about drawing swipes from women’s magazines, here. They provide a great starting point, but… If you rely solely on a formula to provide you with killer conversions, you’ll probably spend 30 seconds on your headline and […]
How to Build a List of Engaged, Ready-to-Buy Subscribers You Can Leverage for Life How to Build a List of Engaged, Ready-to-Buy Subscribers You Can Leverage for Life - If you’re reading this right now, I’m assuming you’re already using email marketing to sell your products and services… or you want to learn how to do so effectively. If that’s the case, you also probably already know that email delivers the highest ROI of any channel available. In fact, for every $1 spent on […]
IMG_20160202_111315 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Seasoned Professional Copywriter Will Keep Your Profits out of the Toilet - Let’s face it: You’re no copywriter. Your current non-converting sales copy proves it. But does it really matter where you go to get sales copy that converts cold traffic into new leads and readers into buyers? Will hiring an established agency versus a freelancer on Upwork really make a difference in your bottom line? After […]
How Unicorn Poop Increased Sales by 600% How Unicorn Poop Increased Sales by 600% - Everybody poops. Well, almost everybody. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to that fact on a day to day basis. So it’s hard to get excited about a product that makes it possible to (forgive me, but I can’t resist) do number two… while feeling like number one. But the […]

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