Definitions, Disclosures and Disclaimers

A) Definitions

Hired” and “hiring” means you have paid for specific copywriting services as agreed by you and us, and have submitted a Client Interview Form and any other necessary data or information as to reasonably facilitate our completion of said services.

Project” means any copy service or collection of copy services purchased by you under a single invoice or payment.

Reasonable revision” and “reasonable revisions” mean alteration of our copy at your request. Such alteration shall not involve rewriting or changing more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the original copy supplied to you.

Refund” means reimbursement to you of any or all fees you have paid to us for specified copywriting services.

Specific performance” means completion by us of any copywriting service, including reasonable revisions or other revisions of copy provided to you by us.

We“, “us,” and “our” mean The Sales Copy Lab, as well as its subcontractors, assigns, and affiliates.

You” and “your” mean our client who has hired us to perform specified copywriting services.

B) Third Party Offers

Any content published or distributed by us, including content contained on this website and any related social media, email, or print content, may contain hyperlinks to external pages not owned or controlled by us. These pages may contain offers for products and/or services, and we may receive financial or other compensation if you choose to take advantage of these offers.

C) Revision Limits and Requirements

I) Within the period beginning on the date we deliver your copy, and ending sixty (60) days after such delivery date, we will perform up to two (2) reasonable revisions at your request, per project, of copy we have supplied to you. Such revisions will be performed at no additional cost to you.

II) The following revision services are available to you, at our discretion, at a rate of one hundred United States dollars ($100 USD) per hour upon your request:

a) revision requests submitted after the period specified in (C)(I) above;

b) requests for revisions other than reasonable revisions; and

c) requests submitted after we have performed two (2) revisions as specified in (C)(I) above.

We will advise you of the cost for any revisions requested under (C)(II) above. This cost must be paid in full before any such revisions will be performed,

D) Refund Limits and Requirements

I) The refund period is limited to the period beginning on the date of initial delivery of purchased copy, and ending sixty (60) days after the initial delivery date. No refund requests will be honored after the expiration of this period.

II) In order to qualify for a refund, you must provide us with information showingproof of your implementation of the copy we provided you, as well as information showing proof of the specific results you obtained using our copy. Screenshot images of ads, web pages, landing pages, or scanned images of print materials, showing our unaltered copy shall suffice as proof of implementation. Screenshot images of analytics software showing specific conversion percentages shall suffice as proof of results. No refund requests will be honored without proof of implementation and results, or without analysis of our copy by a person with the credentials specified in (D)(III) below.

III) Refund requests based on the subjective opinions of you or your colleages, family, friends, or anyone else without:

a) a valid copywriting certification from the American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) or another institute of similar credibility and authority; or

b) at least five (5) years of experience writing sales copy, either for private clients or as an in-house copywriter

will not be honored without proof of implementation and results as specified in (II) above.

IV) Refunds are not available for orders placed but canceled before delivery. We may, however, issue you credit toward a future project, less any reasonable fee for work already performed.

E) Recourse Limited to Refund

I. Our liability is strictly limited to refund of your purchase price, if your refund request meets the criteria specified in (D) above. This means that we are not liable for any other monetary or non-monetary damages, which may have occured or may occur in the future, as a direct or indirect result of hiring us. Such damages include, but are not limited to:

a) delay or deferment of any revenue owed to you by any person or entity;

b) costs of any products or services purchased from any entity other than us, regardless of whether such purchases were made on reliance of our services; and

c) opportunity or revenues lost, regardless of whether you implemented our copy.

II. No demands for specific performance will be granted if we have issued you a refund, or if you:

a) have exhausted your available revision allotment;

b) choose not to pay for additional revisions as specified under (C)(II) above; and

c) are not eligible for a refund under (D) above.



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